Frequently Asked Question

Last updated: November 18, 2022

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1. Q: What does [option] or (option) mean?

1. A: [option] = required | (option) = optional.

2. Q: Why is the bot offline or not responding?

2. A: Problem with hosting or an update is being introduced.

3. Q: The command is not working or there is an error?

3. A: If it does not work then first make sure that the command really does not work.
To see how to use the command correctly, write "Shelp [command]".
If there is an error, go to step 5.

4. Q: How or where can I report a bug?

4. A: You can report it in #support, #ticket,
by using command "Sreport bug [bug description]" or to the bot's Owner.

‍5. Q: How or where can I suggest something?

5. A: You can do it in #botˑsuggests or by writing to the bot's Owner.

6. Q: Is there any recruitment to the server or bot's Staff?

6. A: Yes, you can find all the information on the #recruitment channel.

7. Q: The bot creates an invitation that is unlimited, why?

7. A: Because there are a lot of servers that try to destroy bots in some way.

8. Q: The bot's Owner or someone from the Staff entered my private/public server, why?

8. A: If the server seems suspicious or interesting to us we just check what's on it.

9. Q: The bot did something on my server, why?

9. A: Don't be afraid, as long as the bot does nothing bad on the server, you don't have to be afraid.


If you have any questions just join to the Support Server.