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About Shiroe
Shiroe is a Cute, 24/7, Stable & Easy to Use Multipurpose Discord Bot

• Moderation & AutoMod | Giveaways | AutoRoles | Welcomes & Farewells |
Tickets System | Anime RP | Bump Reminder | Suggestions and much more...

What We Offer:

Server Economy

Delve into the Shiroe Bot Economy - Riches await for You!

Luck and strategy rule! Play various games, invest in the shop, earn money from work, or commit crimes to build your fortune!

Manage your money wisely!

Use your skills and cunning to become the richest player on the server!


Start a giveaway and let your server members participate, and Shiroe will automatically select the winner(s).

Anime RP

Interactive anime commands for role-playing, such as hugging, slapping, kissing, and more.


Commands such as warn, mute, timeout, kick, and ban. Everything you need to keep your server clean and tidy.

Auto Moderation

The Auto Moderation System is a function that automatically moderates content posted in channels. This system uses various methods to identify and remove unwanted content, such as invitations to other servers, links, spam, and others. (Currently, it only blocks invitations).

Auto Response

Soon there will be a description

Auto Roles

The Automatic Roles System is a feature that automatically assigns roles to users when they join a server.

Bump Reminder

When bump on the DISBOARD is possible, then Shiroe will send a notification about it.

Welcomes & Farewells

Shiroe will welcome new members, as well as bid farewell to those who will leave.

Invite Tracking


Levels System

The Levels System is a feature that allows members to earn experience and level up. The Levels System can be used to reward users for their activity on the server, as well as to create competition among them.

Counting Partnerships

The Partnership Counting System is a feature that allows tracking the progress of Partnership Managers in fulfilling partnerships.

Suggestions System

Soon there will be a description

Tickets System

When server members need support, they can create a new ticket, which creates a new private text channel where they can chat with server staff.

Verification System

Soon there will be a description